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Accredited Registrars

Registrars are organizations that are authorized to access .KRD’s automated system to register, renew, or transfer the domain names of their clients.

We value our partnership with our accredited registrars and work with them to make the launch of .KRD sales a success by providing the best registrars to our customers.

Our goal is to make .KRD the first choice for all around the world and with the collaboration of our trusted and accredited registrars we will achieve this goal.


How to become .KRD registrar 

If you are a registrar and want to to establish a business relationship with .KRD:

  1. You need to be an ICANN accredited registrar.
  2. You need to be aware of .KRD policies.
  3. Contact us via please.
  4. You will receive a Registry-Registrar Agreement from us if both sides agree.


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