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Top level domain, or 'TLD' as it is better known, is that part of the web address that comes after the right of the dot. .Com, .Net, .Org, and now .Krd are examples of TLDs.

A Registrar is a company that takes registrations for second-level domain names. Key-Systems, GoDaddy, Network Solutions, eNom, 1&1, and Tucows are examples of ICANN accredited registrars. A second-level domain name is a name that is located to the left of the dot. Registrars also offer other value-added services such as web hosting, email, website development, and auction services that give life and functionality to domain names.

A Registry is a company that controls and operates a TLD. They offer second-level domain registrations to Registrars, typically at a 'wholesale' price. Registrars in turn make available those second-level domain registrations to end-users who are referred to as the domain name registrants.

A Domain name is a technical term for an Internet address, such as When you register a name, you are registering the “” part of the domain name. Once you register it, the domain name is yours for as long as you want to renew it. 

.KRD is the new namespace for Kurdistan, its people, institutions, and businesses. It is a dedicated open space for the benefit of registrants, the KRG, and Internet users in Kurdistan and globally. Anyone can register domain names to associate themselves with Kurdistan.

Starting from Oct. 7, 2015 (end of Sunrise) .KRD started its limited registration period in which we will be ready to accept registrations in a limited manner. since 2016 the TLD is open for general registration.

In principle and in-line with ICANN's guidelines, a .KRD domain can be registered through any of ICANN accredited registrars or their resellers.

Anyone can buy one or many .KRD domain names.

The yearly price of a normal .KRD domain is around 40$, you can choose between the offers that our registrars (companies) provide.

Certain high-value premium names will cost more.

There are several reasons a .KRD domain name might be listed as unavailable

  • The domain is already registered.
  • Some names are premium names that may not be offered by your registrar. To purchase a premium name you may need to send an email to
  • Certain names have been blocked by ICANN, the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers, for technical reasons.
  • .KRD’s Naming Policy reserves several domain names due to cultural, political, and historical events. If you have interest in obtaining such a domain please send your request to

That depends on the nature of the complaint. For complaints relating to the infringement of the .KRD policies, please contact

For complaints relating to intellectual property rights infringements, ICANN has established several measures to deal with this. These are the Uniform Rapid Suspension System or the Uniform Domain Resolution Procedure.

If you believe your intellectual property rights have been infringed, ICANN has several measures and policies to deal with this. These are the Uniform Rapid Suspension System or the Uniform Domain Resolution Procedure. UDRP is the designated address to accept reports and complaints

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